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5 Benefits of Long Range Barcode Scanning Technology in the Warehouse

Warehouses serve as the central hub for storing the products in one place and then further carry out shipments. As the technology is in an advanced phase of development warehouses are also undergoing a major change in their working. The warehouses are expected to work efficiently, quickly, and with minimum error rate.

5 Benefits of Long Range Barcode Scanning Technology in the Warehouse

While technology will keep on improving and evolving every year using long-range barcode scanners has increased the work pace. The increased consumer demands expect warehouse operations to be more efficient and, for that, top POS devices such as barcode scanners come in handy.

Business owners have shifted from traditional data entry practices to advanced ones. They have equipped their employees with easy to use and efficient technological devices such as barcode scanners, mobile devices, etc. The inclusion of scanners in warehouses is to keep update on receiving, picking, delivering, and inventory tracking. The automated data collection technology has truly revolutionized the working of warehouses.

Warehouses have to stock huge supplies in response to high consumer demands. And, therefore, vertical spaces are constructed in a way that they could accumulate these number of products. This technique allows the use of space in a smart way and also save the additional money required to spend on space. One problem which arises due to heightened shelves is that it becomes impossible for the employees to reach that height and scan the product information with a short-range barcode scanner. This is where a long-range barcode scanner becomes a necessity.

Long range barcode scanners provide huge benefits than the traditional short-range scanners. Some of the benefits are discussed below;

Faster Performance

A long-range barcode scanner can easily pick up product information from 25 to 70 feet away. This allows the employees such as the forklift drivers to scan the information quickly as they move in their cab. Without a long range scanner, the forklift driver has to get out of the cab, walk to the product, scan the information, and then get back into the cab. This makes the whole process a longer one and consumes a lot of time. Therefore, a long-range scanner not only saves you the precious time but also boosts results in a shorter span. For a time-sensitive operation, a long-range scanner becomes a must.

Capture Larger Information

Nowadays, as the technology is advanced, business in the supply chain are requesting to share more information about the product. Initially, when 1D scanners were used heavily, these scanners would capture only a limited amount of information such as location, product name, number of the product, etc. But, with the introduction of 2D scanners, acquiring a large amount of information has become possible. A 2D image scanner can contain the image of product too. A long range 2D scanner can, thus, capture large information and from a longer distance.

Higher Durability and Resilience

The warehouse barcode scanners are built with special care considering the environmental conditions they will be used in. The environmental conditions in a warehouse can change drastically and, therefore, might affect the scanners. For example, humid climate can form water droplets inside the scanner, dust can enter the scanner in a dusty environment and ruin it. But the modern scanners built for use in warehouses are built taking into account such environmental factors and some additional factors like the possibility of the scanner being dropped. They are therefore developed so that they can tolerate such extreme conditions and function normally.

Undisturbed Working of Scanners

Apart from their range of scanning the long-range barcode scanners also are equipped with high-end barcode readability irrespective of the situation. They can accurately read the barcode in low light availability, the long-range barcode scanner can also read the barcode from an uneven surface. Additionally, these scanners can scan in a sequential manner so that the operator can identify each item in a single trigger.

Decreased Errors

In a vertically structured warehouse the employee, with a short range barcode scanner, has to continuously pace up and down the stands to scan the goods on higher shelves. This can, in turn, result in some errors in scanning as the short-range scanners can encounter some problems due to their range. The long range scanners are developed to scan in an omnidirectional way. This means that the employee need not line up the barcode and scanner in one position to get the scan done. A long-range scanner just needs to be pointed at the barcode and it will gather the information. This effectively reduces errors and save a huge amount of time.

One Device to Rule them all

There's a misconception that a long-range barcode scanner faces issues in scanning the goods in the shorter range. But in reality, a long-range scanner works as much effect in a shorter range as it does for the goods placed on top shelves. So, let your products be lying a few centimeters away on your table, or few meters away on the floor you need only one scanner i.e. a long-range barcode scanner. This saves your money as you don't need to purchase multiple devices for different types of work.

Why Choose a Long Range Barcode Scanner?

If your business needs to stock the products in a warehouse and keep track of the time to time then investing in a good system is crucial. This technology is simple yet so effective and powerful that you will start seeing the results in just a couple of weeks of its integration. This system balances the overall workflow in the warehouse. It reduces extra costs, keeps track of the inventory, allows you to manage space in the warehouse, and thus increases productivity, efficiency, speed, and performance of the workers.

So, if you wish to increase the efficiency of your warehouse, reduces unwanted errors, gather and share more information about the products then long-range barcode scanners is the choice you should make. Most of the warehouse operators are now shifting to this new technologically advanced scanners, then why are you keeping yourself behind in the competition?


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