As the COVID-19 public health emergency spreads across the world creating challenges for our families and businesses, here is how we, as an organisation, are dealing with them. If it is helpful, happy to offer our assistance to our customers as well. While we wish all our customers, partners and employees are safe and healthy, we have focussed on leveraging our strengths and resources to ensure that we are available to service our customer’s requirements during this difficult period despite the travel restrictions and general growing panic that affect normal business operations.

Two weeks ago, we formed a small group of key personnel within the business as a “COVID-19 Task Force” which ensures our staff across all locations are aware of the latest developments and updates to be able to manage their professional & personal front as well. Steps to minimise the exposure to the virus & restrict the spread are primary drivers. Everyday the team exchanges new updates from the Government & Health authorities and how we can keep our staff and customer sites safe while ensuring performance standards are maintained.

We are trying to adopt best practices for business continuity processes for our own organisation and for our valued customers, as required. If you have any questions about your own business preparedness or if we can support you on the technology front to address these new challenges, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. As we all know there may be a long road ahead of us but ensuring you of our commitment to help you traverse this new territory and sustain business goals.