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Top 10 best Cash Registers for Small Business

Today most of the businesses are shifting towards automated systems to make their business more efficient. Even though the introduction of high-tech point of sales seems attractive the traditional cash registers still offer top features and can prove efficient for small businesses.

Top 10 best Cash Registers for Small Business

There’s a wide range of cash registers available in the market designed specially to meet the needs of small businesses. Also, some cash registers are designed to meet the needs of a specific industry for example, restaurants, catering, etc.

Why cash register holds such an important place in a business is a good question to ask. First of all, a cash register allows the checkout counter to run smoothly. This machine has the feature to keep records of business and can also prepare sales reports. The cash drawer offers a safe vault to store the money and receipts. Therefore, a cash register makes the workflow smooth and productive and at the same time allows you to provide quality service to your customers.

Which cash register you should choose for your business depends on numerous factors like what kind of business you own, which industry are you in, etc. But to make your lives easier we have listed top 10 best cash registers for small businesses.


 Best Cash Registers


 SAM4s NR-510


 Sharp XE-A147


 SAM4S ER-920


 SAM4S ER-940


 SAM4S ER5200


 Casio SE-S100


 Casio SE-G1S


 Sharp XEA217


 Casio SEC450


 Casio SE-C3500


1)      SAM4s NR-510

SAM4s is a well-known brand for manufacturing point of sales hardware that surpass market standards and provide top of the line features. The SAM4s NR-510 is designed for bars, food cafes, fine dining, night clubs, and fast food outlets. This cash register comes with a flat keyboard and single station thermal printer.

Display: This cash register is equipped with 8-line blue backlit graphic liquid crystal display which produces clear picture. It also has the function which provides menu driven programming for product file maintenance. The customer display comes with 2-line x 16-character LCD displaying the transaction information to the customer. This display can rotate in any angle to face the customer.

The thermal printer uses condensed journal print which saves a lot of paper. The printer comes with 4 automatic currency conversion keys and automatic tax computation system. You can insert an SD card to save/load a program, upload graphics, etc. This cash register completes the basic needs of any grocery or retail store.

sam4s nr-510 cash register

2)      Sharp XE-A147

The Sharp XE-A147 is designed to provide maximum features at your fingertips in your small business. This cash register is compact and its low-profile saves you a lot of counter space. This cash register comes with a safe cash drawer which has front locking system to provide maximum security. The cash drawer has three banknote compartments and a removable six-compartment coin tray. The storage area is large and you can easily store cheques too.

Sharp XE-A147 is equipped with a clear LED display. The cash register needs to be connected to a power supply. In case of power failure this cash register shows its real strength. It comes with an optional rechargeable battery which provides eight hours of power supply to the cash register. This allows you to run your business operations smoothly without any halts and disruptions.

The printer is equipped with an SD card slot and can support up to 32 GB of memory card. The thermal printer is quick and silent and prints receipts on 58mm wide paper. You can change paper rolls quickly with the drop-in paper load mechanism.

  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Data backup on SD card
  • 3,000 lines of transaction data
  • Graphic logo printing feature
  • Easy setup
  • Bright and crisp display

Sharp XE-A147 Cash Registers

3)      SAM4S ER-920

The SAM4S ER-920 is designed for restaurants and cafes. The SAM4S cash registers are one of the first registers to have a SD card port in the commercial grade models. The ER-920 model is also equipped with a standard SD card slot which can be used to store data and take backup.

 The SAM4S ER-920 has flat keyboard and single station printer. The keyboard has 150 keys and 100 programmable locations. The introduction of SD card slot allows you to update the ROM of cash register to keep it updated with time. It has a front locking system cash drawer with sufficient money storage space where you can store banknotes in separate section and coins in separate dedicated section.

The thermal printer is quick and can print 22 lines per second on 58 mm paper. The cash register has 9-digit LED display and alpha numeric 2 line x 16 character LCD customer display. The printer has drop-in feature so that you can easily load the paper.

sam4s er-920 cash registers

4)      SAM4S ER-940

SAM4S ER-940 is an ideal cash register perfect for restaurants and retail stores. It comes with a flat spill proof keyboard which makes it a perfect choice for café, restaurants, bars POS systems. There are 150 key-locations and can easily accommodate large menus. Each item can also be dedicated its own preset key. If you own a restaurant which changes its menu daily then this printer might just save you a lot of time. The paper key-sheet under the keyboard overlay is easily exchangeable.

SAM4S ER-940 also has a dual station receipt and journal thermal printer with up to 22,000 PLUs. It can print on standard 58 mm paper which can be easily loaded through the drop-in mechanism. It features 9-digit LED display and 2x16 LCD customer display.

The cash drawer has frontal manual locking system with 5 bill, 5 coin compartments. This cash register uses minimal power and on full charge for 24 hours will protect memory for 90 days. It also has a SD card slot to backup and upload essential data on your cash register.

sam4s er-940

5)      SAM4S ER5200

Increase productivity of your business with the help of SAM4S ER5200 cash register designed specifically for your restaurant and cafés. It comes with 2 station cash register and a high speed thermal printer. This is one of the best heavy-duty, high-performance cash registers available for the hospitality businesses.

A two station thermal printer prints silently and quickly and is also able to print graphic logo. The drop-in paper loading mechanism allows you to load the paper quickly and serves up to 15,000 PLUs.

The SAM4S ER5200 is equipped with 160-key flat keyboard which can be customized according to your menu. The operator and customer displays both are 10 digit VFD adjustable displays.

More features include:

  • Inventory management
  • 4 currency conversion system
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Table management

sam4s er-5200 double station printer cash registers

6)      Casio SE-G1SC-PK

Casio SE-G1S is one of the most high performing and affordable cash registers available in the market. It is designed for small cafes and restaurants. This cash register is compact, has a multipurpose tray, a large, crystal clear display and saves you a lot of counter space. There are two displays for operator and customer respectively.

The thermal printer in Casio SE-G1S is one of the most silent printer you will ever come across and prints at most higher speeds and does not make your customers wait. You can also customize the message on the receipt as per your need. In case of power cut, the Casio SE-G1S has a backup battery and does not interrupt your workflow ever.

This cash register is easy to setup and use. The printer has a drop-in paper loading mechanism and you can load paper just within few seconds. This cash register comes in three color variants: pink, red, and blue. So you can choose the color that goes perfectly with your store décor. The cash drawer has 4 bill and 5 coin slots providing enough money storage space. The multi-purpose tray can be used to keep pen, coins, etc.

casio se-g1sc-pk register

7)      Casio SE-S100

Casio is known for launching products which are better than their previous versions and stand out among all their competitors. The Casio SE-S100 comes in four color variants including black, silver, gold, and red. All the color variants have same black base.

This newer and improved cash register from Casio has 12 sales departments and each button can be customized according to the need. The shift key allows you to increase the number of departments to 24. The thermal printer in Casio SE-S100 is even faster than the previous versions. You can also customize the message on the top of the receipt and, thus, can promote your business.

The operator display is two line and shows the most recent entered item on top and running total on second line. The customer display shows sales total clearly. This cash register has a SD card backup system and helps you take important backup. The cash drawer is full size lockable and features space for 8 coin type and 4 note holder compartments. This cash register is best for restaurants and cafes and also for small retail stores.

casio se-s100

8)      Sharp XEA217

Sharp XEA217 is the latest cash register model featuring large display as well as spill-proof rubber keyboard with 119 keys. This model is available in two color variants which are light grey and black. The Sharp XEA217designed keeping in mind the hospitality businesses like cafes, restaurants, and small retail shops.

The thermal printer is quiet and fast and can print 12 lines per second. The paper can be loaded effortlessly through the drop-in mechanism and saves lot of time. The cash drawer is made of metal and has 5 note and 8 coin compartments. The SD card slot allows you to insert SD card up to 32 GB and you can take back up of all the data.

The thermal printer uses standard 58 mm print paper. The customer display can be adjusted in any angle in which the customer is standing. This cash register provides high end features and is value for your money.

sharp xea217

9)      Casio SEC450

Another Casio product is here equipped with best features to suit your business and maintain the workflow while constantly increasing the productivity. This is a split keyboard cash register with 72 flat department keys on the right hand and raised function keys on the left. It has a large tilting multiline LCD display. The customer display is a pop-up style and can be aligned in the customer’s angle.

The thermal printer equipped in this printer is quiet, fast, and professional. It can be set in two modes which are receipt mode or journal mode. The receipt header can be customized and you can put the name of your café or store on it. The major function of this cash register is it supports barcode scanning with up to 2,000 barcode lines.

The cash drawer has a fully metal base. It has 4 note compartments and 8 coin compartments. This cash register has a sleek design and is preferred as it also saves a lot of space and looks modern.

10)      Casio SE-C3500

Yet another amazing product from Casio the Casio SE-C3500 cash register is a step up compared to all its competitors. If you run a business which has a long product list then this cash register might just save your life as it stores up to 7,000 item prices. It supports barcode scanner, credit card terminal and has 72 department keys in the form of spill-resistant rubber keyboard.

It has twin thermal receipt printers which is quick, silent, and most reliable. Some of the functions this cash register provides are:

  • Checkout efficiency
  • Staff commissions
  • Food service features
  • Inventory management

The cash drawer is frontal manual enabled with full metal base and has sufficient money storage space with multiple note and coins compartments. This cash register serves best to its service and saves you a lot of time.

casio se-c3500



While there are many more cash registers available in the market the ones listed here are among top of them. Before investing in a cash register make sure you check what kind of requirements does your business demand and choose the one that meets the needs. If you own a small business then straightaway invest in a traditional cash register as it provides almost all the functions your business requires.


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