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Top 10 POS Receipt Printers for Small Business

Businesses today are actively looking for smarter ways to conduct business smoothly and maintain constant pace at the workplace. Providing lightning-fast services to the customers has become one of the top priorities of each business so be it small, medium, or a large one. Customers, on the other hand, also prefer to visit shops where express services are available so that they don’t have to wait in long queues.

Top 10 POS Receipt Printers for Small Business

Introduction of POS Systems

One such way that almost every business has adopted is the installation of Point of Sales system i.e. a POS system. This technology is also known as modern data capture technology as it makes data capture, information transfer and handling super easy. A POS system generally consists of a cash register, barcode scanner, terminal display, receipt printer, etc.

Thermal Receipt Printers

Receipt Printer is one of the most essential components of a POS system. It helps in printing receipts quickly after the customer has made the purchase. The boost in technology has led to numerous innovations in the receipt printers throughout the years. The new generation receipt printers not only print receipts but also allow credit and debit card swipes for payment, kitchen orders (restaurant version models).

There are numerous types of receipt printers available in the market with each printer equipped with specific attributes dedicated for particular business. If you own a small business then you must install a receipt printer for faster and modern way of providing better services to your customers. While purchasing a receipt printer can be a little difficult you have to search for top receipt printers available in the market. We have combined an extensive list of top 10 receipt printers available in the market with their detailed reviews and if the printer is suitable for your business.

But, before talking about the printers let’s first understand what makes a printer a good one.

Every business has a specific need and, therefore, the hardware has to be purchased according to those needs. Each printer has its uniqueness and features that standout than others. But, there are some basic qualities which every printer should meet and those are;

  • Printing quality – What kind of print does the printer provide? Does it meet the standard? Does it use lot of ink or consume lot of power? This needs to be checked first before buying a receipt printer.
  • Connection – Receipt printers have four different types of connections which are USB, LAN, WLAN, and Bluetooth. You need to check what kind of connection your POS system has and purchase accordingly and if this connection is working



 TOP POS Thermal Printers


 TSP100III Receipt Printer


 TM-T88V Receipt Printer


 TM-T20II Receipt Printer


 TM-T82II Receipt Printer


 SAM4s GIANT 100 Thermal Receipt Printer


 Citizen CT-D150 Thermal Receipt Printer


 SAM4s ELLIX 30 Thermal Receipt Printer


 Bixolon SRP 350III Thermal Receipt Printer


 TM-M30 Receipt Printer


 TSP-654II  Thermal Receipt Printer


Here is our list of Top 10 Receipt Printers for Small Business.

1)      TSP100III Receipt Printer

The TSP100III printer developed by Star Micronics is currently on the top of the list of best receipt printers in the market. This printer can print 43 receipts per minute. It is also by far the easiest printer to set up and install.

The printer has three connectivity options – Bluetooth, WLAN, or LAN to connect to your POS system. The company has added an additional USB type A connector so that small business can charge tablets or smartphone.

You can print multiple copies, add graphics and logos, or coupons. This printer is also integrated with the Star AllReceipts digital app. This app allows the customers to get digital copy of their receipts and they can also give quick feedback. This printer is probably the best receipt printing solution for small businesses.

2)      TM-T88V Receipt Printer

Developed by Epson the TM-T88V printer is designed specifically for businesses having quite a rush like restaurants. This model can print quick printouts at rush hour. You can connect Epson pole display and cash drawer to the printer by plugging a cable into the back of the printer.

It is easy to install and the installation is done via Epson’s printer installation utility. The auto cutter is slick and leaves a slight tag to connect the receipts as and when needed. The printing speed of this printer is also quite impressive. It can print up to 300 mm per second. This printer can print receipts which can span up to hundred kilometers. Therefore, it provides longer durability for your business.

TM-T88V Receipt Printer

3)    TM-T20II Receipt Printer

Again an Epson product, the TM-T20II receipt printer is developed essentially for small to medium sized businesses like restaurants, clothing boutique, etc. It is made from durable material that claims to long last. TM-T20II comes with two years of warranty so you no need to worry about additional costs.

The speed of this printer is improved considerably as compared to its predecessor. TM-T20II can print at amazing speed of 200mm/second. This printer is equipped with USB and Serial interfaces which is a major update as compared to its predecessor which had only either of the interfaces. It is the highest quality printer available at an affordable price range.

TM-T20II Receipt Printer

4)      TM-T82II Receipt Printer

The model developed by Epson is ideal for businesses having low volume of POS transactions. The TM-T82II printer can print both text and graphics in high quality and higher speed of up to 200mm/sec. If your business requires coupons and barcodes then this printer is what you need.

The TM-T82II receipt printer comes in two types of interfaces: USB + Serial or USB + Parallel or Ethernet only interface. It is easy to install and is unbelievably user friendly. The printer is qualified power saver by Energy Star. It comes with two years warranty.

5)      SAM4s GIANT 100 Thermal Receipt Printer

One of the most innovative designs available in the receipt printer market is of SAM4s GIANT 100 thermal printer. The printer is approximately 5.5 inches square and can print full 3 inch receipts. One additional feature in this printer is it is equipped with three interfaces; USB, Serial, and LAN. Therefore, you have multiple connectivity options.

The SAM4s GIANT 100 has a powerful print engine which prints receipts at a whopping speed of 250mm/second. It is also equipped with advanced jam-free cutter, can be mounted on wall, and can also print customized logos. If you own a small business with mPOS system or with a full-fledged POS terminal this compact printer can easily integrate into your business.

SAM4s GIANT 100 Thermal Receipt Printer


6)      Citizen CT-D150 Thermal Receipt Printer

Citizen is a well-known brand for manufacturing high-end point of sales equipment. From the lot of their receipt printers comes the latest CT-D150 thermal receipt printer. The printer has Drop-in paper loading system and it can be placed vertically or horizontally. Its advanced technology integration saves paper by properly using functions like top margin, line spacing, and font compression.

This printer can print with up to 250mm/second speed along with saving power. The printer has two interfaces viz. built-in USB and RS232 Serial interface. It can print barcodes and receipts quickly. The unique feature of this printer is it is equipped with Long Life Print (LLP) functionality.

Citizen CT-D150 Thermal Receipt Printer

7)      SAM4s ELLIX 30 Thermal Receipt Printer

The SAM4s printer is made to meet the modern design requirements. It is small in size but is equipped with most advanced features necessary for a POS system. This printer allows you to print on 80mm and 58mm paper. It has auto cutter and Drop-in paper loading system too.

The SAM4s ELLIX can print at a speed of 180mm/second. It gives you two connectivity options including USB and RS232 or parallel. It also has auto cutter to avoid any additional paper wastage. The unique feature of this receipt printer is it can print two colors with special paper.

SAM4s ELLIX 30 Thermal Receipt Printer

8)      Bixolon SRP 350III Thermal Receipt Printer

Businesses witnessing medium level traffic like restaurants, retail stores, and hospitality fields must equip themselves with this printer. It can seamlessly print 3” or 2” wide high quality receipts and speed of up to 9.8” per second. Such a fast printing speed keeps the customer line moving.

With the right driver support this printer can be integrated with a POS terminal or an mPOS system for Windows, Mac OS X, or a Linux system. It comes with USB support in all models. Statistically looking, this printer comes with long lasting capability. The auto-cutter on the printer can perform 1.8 million cuts and the print head can run up to 43.5 miles of printed receipts. The Bixolon SRP 350III model comes with 3 years of warranty.

Bixolon SRP 350III Thermal Receipt Printer


9)      TM-M30 Receipt Printer

Epson’s TM-M30 thermal receipt printer is well-known for its compact design and higher durability. If you own a business and have space constraints then this model will not only save you valuable area but also increase the productivity and workflow pace. This printer is easily compatible with Android, Apple iOS, and Windows systems.

The TM-M30 receipt printer is equipped with three interfaces viz. USB, LAN, and Bluetooth 3.0 EDR. This printer can print with a speed of maximum 200mm/sec which is fast enough so that your customers don’t have to wait in queue.

TM-M30 Receipt Printer

10)      TSP-654II  Thermal Receipt Printer

Developed by Star the TSP-654II model is a high speed receipt printer designed for medium level businesses. The printer is known for its high speed and can print at up to 300mm per second with high quality 203 dpi. It can print barcodes, coupons, and tickets at entry level.

Some of the best features of this printer are paper auto-cutter, interchangeable interfaces, Drop-in paper loading, no A and B USB cable required. It comes with multiple interfaces and is very user-friendly.

TSP-654II  Thermal Receipt Printer

Thermal receipt printers use heat to print and therefore cut the ink cost and also last longer than normal receipts. They are designed to save power and money and boost the productivity in your business. However, choosing the right printer for your business depends on several factors such as what kind of POS system you use, what kind of business you own, and how much traffic you expect.

Each receipt printer mentioned in the top 10 receipt printers for small business list above is compact, compatible, and highly durable. Choose the one that suits your business needs the most and look for the additional features so that you can make most out of your business.


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